Heart Filled Bliss

Love is in the air...I can feel it. I'm a sucker for all holidays but there's something about Valentines Day that gets me giddy. Yay!!! (That's me super excited!)  Maybe the fact that I'm a hopeless romantic has something to do with it...I can absolutely lose myself in the clouds when I'm in love just like the next person. And it doesn't take Valentine's Day to recognize that, though it does accentuate it ;))  ❤️

But who doesn't smile at the thought of Cupid striking you with his arrow? And hello??!!! That arrow doesn't only have to be for a partner. It can be meant for other significant loves in our life too, like our family members, besties or our precious pets (aka, more family).  Valentine's Day is a great time to show a little extra amore to everyone around you.  That's right...that's amore! And what better day to recognize that love can be found in the most unexpected places.  Take a peek in the air, in nature or on the ground. I guarantee you can find something that reminds you of what it's all about. ❤️

This Valentine's, take a moment to reflect on your 'lovelies' with more thoughtful and especially personal goodies like... hand made cards just like the ones my dad used to help me make for my classmates. I had the best cards in the whole class...I love you Dad! Or instead of buying a heart filled with chocolates, bake some yummy and super cute chocolate cookies for all your lovelies to enjoy. And if you're really feeling the love, leave your written message somewhere where it can be seen all the time as a reminder of your hearts deepest thoughts like on the wall or even the ceiling. How exciting is that??!!! Whatever you do, just take a moment to go above and beyond to express your heart filled bliss.  It's one day in the year devoted to love... what can be better than that! ❤️

Click on the food to get the recepies! Enjoy!