Take Charge and Beautify

Happy January, 2017!  If we’re at all alike (and I'm sure we are) you have been racking your brains over how to make yourself better…mostly in a physical sense…but none the less, better. It's just what we all do as we open that new calendar, right??!!!  And who doesn’t want to be a better version of you?  I know I do!  So hence, I sit here writing with intensely sore calves as I started running again and have run myself right out of running for a good few days ;(  It's been 4 weeks since I last exercised!  Not sure why I thought stopping for the holidays made any sort of sense...a mistake I won't likely make again as I don't think my 46 year old body could handle it!!!

But back to our new and improved selves…with those resolutions to get physically fit, we tend to forget that we need to be mentally and emotionally better as well.  And of course for some of us that means a trip to the doctor or holistic specialist to renew a prescription or two...trust me, I’m not judging as I’ll be running to the pharmacy later :) But there’s also an additional way achieve better mental welfare.  I’m talking about maintaining a well-designed personal space. Design Therapy 101! Yes!! I said it…a healthy you isn’t just about what you eat and how you exercise but how your personal space (your home) feels and looks.  A more calm space = a more calm you.  A more comfortable space = a more comfortable you.  A more pretty, organized space = a more happy, orderly you.  These are all important things people!!!  It's truly the basis for why I do what I do. The sad truth is that most of us don’t realize just how significant it is.  But that’s why I’m here…to remind you of these vital facts!  

So with January halfway thru, take a few moments to tend to your space.  For some of you that might be rearranging the living room, for others, painting the family room or reorganizing the closets.  And for some, it might be as simple as cleaning the house ;) Whatever the plan, just do it because taking the time to beautify your space will only pay off in the long run with a more healthy version of you.  Remember that your home is your retreat.  Its your respite away from the insanity. So take charge and beautify! 

And for those of you who don't feel confident enough to take on a larger design task just yet, start with something smaller. I dare you to go and do one of these simple things in your space and see just how positively you're affected...

Here's to Design Therapy 101!  Looking forward to next time and sharing one of my new fav design trends for 2017!